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On a Stotty Stroll

Ancient footpaths and historic routes

The map indicates many of the ancient footpaths and lanes which form 80km of public rights of way in Stottesdon & Sidbury. This historic legacy offers opportunities for enjoyment and healthy exercise - escape into rolling countryside; explore secret places, sights and sounds that are inaccessible by car.

Stotty Strolls – Rambles and Scrambles

Starting and finishing near village pubs, these circular walks along clearly marked paths vary from 3 – 7 miles long; allow between 1½ and 3½ hours for a really enjoyable experience, with exercise and exploration thrown in! Discover clues to help unlock the secret stories of ancient hedgerows, historic churches, coal mining-country, watermills and rivers; see the evidence for climate changes millions of years ago.

Pick up the Stotty Stroll guide and route leaflets (at local pubs, shop, visitor centres) or download them, and other information, from our website. Free Internet access is available at our 'Community Broadplaces' in Chorley and Stottesdon; updates will also be posted on the Information Panels alongside this display.

Stotty Strolls – Ambles and Short-cuts

There are also shorter routes (ambles of 1 – 3 miles; taking up to 1½ hours) and many short-cuts, using marked public paths, on the longer routes – our maps show the possibilities, and details will soon be on this website.

Enjoying your days out with Stotty Strollers

Please respect the countryside as a working environment; be safe by following The Countryside Code, which you can read, along with advice about footpath maps, in our Stotty Strolls Guide.

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